With so much confusion and paranoia in the world today people truly need to dig deep. This is my attempt to help and share my thoughts and findings. Challenge your media, challenge your religion, challenge your teachers and think for yourself. Follow the money trails where anything political is concerned. Ask yourself if you are on the right path. We are all created equal but we do not live so. I believe most of us are good people. We want love, excitement and good lives for us and our loved ones. Not war, over taxation, hyper inflation and dirty politics…

Your old ways of getting information and being “programed” have failed you and are continuing to deviously do so with ever increasing urgency to throw you off course. Why you may ask. There are certain agendas in place. They have been for a very long time. DO the research. Please evolve and awaken from the show that is not in your best interest! It took me over 40 years to start waking up.

All of my life I have been a creative. Always going against the crowd or beating to a different drum. In doing that and living a more alternative life, I have come to see things in a very different light. I also took some time, around 3 years, to totally research who I was, who my friends are, what is going on in todays world and where I want to go from here. Un-plugging from mainstream media and ditching cable TV changed me forever. So did becoming a father..Now I seek more knowledge and information like a drug.

I was caught up in the fake, materialistic, Silicon Valley rat race where everyone wants to be Steve Jobs. Even worse, everyone thinks they are Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or some big shot. The sad fact is 90% of them are a few bucks away from loosing everything they think they own. Yet the hustle to keep up the front is more frantic than ever. The “keeping up with the Jones’s” lifestyle is in full bloom. The irreparable debt, larger than needed homes, expensive imported cars with the designer cloths to match are absolutely burring most everyone there. And yet the school loans are still being payed off.

What is happiness? Fretting over not looking rich when most everyone is faking it too? Once you have lived like this long enough, you get poisoned and detached from reality and what life is all about. Some lucky people get sober and realize the ugly truth. These people seem much happier once they let go.

In a world where all that matters is your perceived wealth on the outside, The nasty comes out. You can feel the negativity all around you. You can feel the stress everywhere. My advice is to not only look deep inside, but un-plug and un-follow….