SAVE YOURSELF! From wasting/watching hours and hours of staged news!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.59.35 AM

I keep saying, if anyone thinks that what ever puppet is elected as a “president” MATTERS. You are being fooled! hundreds of years of history and some simple eye opening should show any thinking person this FACT. It’s impossible to talk with many people about politics. It’s literally like talking to a deaf person about what song is playing on the radio…..

Sorry, but like I keep saying, WAKE THE FUCK UP! It is and always will be about the money and who really has the money! Take care of yourself and your family, plan for not depending on a system that will surely leave you drowning in the wake when the time comes, another very obvious fact if you look at history!…it’s all there. Just like the poison that’s printed on most of our food packaging (except the biggest poison sugar). Yet we still consume it! 

Save yourself countless hours of watching “political” news on T.V. All of these talking heads arguing about what bill will pass, who spends what, what laws are changing, taxes, war, when this, if that. If such and such were in charge. NONE OF IT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE!! And not one real player is ever hardly named. No real agenda is covered. Hummm wonder why?….. You might as well be watching a soap opera!


Jeff Berwick and TDV predicted this all last year, not to mention many other things in the past. Screw your, TV news, Screw INFO WARS. follow the green paper trail road. the one that says “IN GOD WE TRUST’ HA! OK!

Trump Admits To Being A Globalist And Continues To Act Like One Too

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