One World Filter

filtering out the world's noise of the bias, lying media designed to keep you confused and numb

"Think for yourself, question authority"

With so much confusion and paranoia in the world today people truly need to dig deep for some clarity. This is my attempt to help by sharing my thoughts and findings from many hours of research, people watching and questioning authority.

Challenge your Media, challenge your religion, challenge your teachers and think for yourself! Follow the money trails where anything political is concerned.

We are all created equal but we do not live so. I believe most of us are good people. We want love, and excitement. We want good lives for us and our loved ones. Not war, over money and power. Not dirty politics controlled by large corporations and big banks trying to brain wash us while ripping us off along wth way!

Here you might just see some REAL information on things that matter. Your old ways of getting information and being “programed” have failed you and are continuing to deviously do so with ever increasing urgency to throw you off course. Please evolve and awaken from the show that is not in your best interest! It took me over 40 years to start waking up.

One thing humans hate the most is when it's time to reap what they sow. First comes denial, then anger, then point the finger...Hopefully, then followed by acceptance and evolution. Unfortunately, for most this isn't the case...


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